Tuesday, July 1, 2014

steering and pedals and brownie shifter, oh my!

We finally have the steering column installed, and the pedals mostly installed, whew!

(sorry, terrible pic)
We don't need no stinkin' expensive Ididit column!  Brian made the bracket to hold the steering column (from a 70's Pete) with a piece of pipe just a little bit larger diameter than the column, then added slits and tabs so it could clamp the column securely (with some rubber between).  Then, it has a plate welded to that clamp that is bolted to the firewall (12 or 14g, I forget - probably 12g on the firewall though, it's thick!)

Here is the clutch bracket - we salvaged it from the Dodge. (pic was before steering column bracket was done).  It's pretty sturdy, but we plan to take it back out and make it even sturdier by boxing the top in.

 Our St.Bernard puppy, Lucy, ready to go for a ride too!

 Testing out the new pedals - the gas pedal will have to be lowered a bit unfortunately.

 The brownie shifter installed!  The brownie itself will probably be quite a ways down the road, but we wanted the shifter installed so we could finish the rest of the interior stuff around it.

 oh, yeah!

I also got the floor partially framed in on the drivers side (and Brian tacked it in place - the real welding will be from the underside).  Now, we just need to add some sheet metal on that part of the floor!  It's starting to come together!!!  So excited with the progress!  Now I can't sleep at night :)


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