Tuesday, October 25, 2016

She's alive, part deux

We knew the second that we started the engine for the first time in 4 years, that we would have to get rid of the vacuum pump.  Without being attached to anything, they are VERY noisy.  They were used for the brakes and for the vents in the heater system.  Since we are using neither of those things, the pump was unnecessary.  Now, there is more room to run the power steering lines without interfering with the inner fender too!

OH, and the initial start was without the serpentine belt because the alternator needed shimmed just a little bit for alignment.  I worked on the alternator bracket while Brian worked on the vacuum pump.  Productive day!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

She's alive!


We were determined this weekend to hear that cummins for the first time since it was taken out of the Dodge over 4 years ago. 
Success!  There might have been tears in my eyes...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cool it!

Well, finally we have radiator hoses that will work!
The first time we went to the parts store, we came back defeated and thought it couldn't be done.  I searched online for hours to try to locate the lower hose.  The only thing I got from my search was a silicone reducer that we thought would help, but didn't end up using it afterall.
After being defeated initially, we gave up for a while.  The time has come that we are getting so close to starting it, that it was now a priority.  So, after two trips to NAPA(and a very capable clerk), we have hoses!  I had to buy 3 total and all had to be trimmed to fit, but it is a miracle in my eyes!  The fitting in the middle of the upper will be for the electric fan sensor since originally the Dodge had a clutch fan that was off-center.

Friday, October 7, 2016


We did finally 'finish' the brake system - I say 'finish' because we do have a leak to address before we go any further (probably one of my double flares that wasn't perfect).  So, more brake line needed before the weekend (we don't want to take chances with rebending anything, better to just start with new after a mistake!)

Here is the view of the master cylinder from the access hole under the seat:

And, below the seat:
(the bracket that holds the master cylinder and the air can has a cover that is not on yet).

We tested the brakes as much as we could with it not running yet, and all corners work!  We have an adjustable proportioning valve as well as an adjustment in the air can, so I am sure there will be tweaking here and there after the truck is running - which doesn't seem that far off now!!!

I started on the fuel lines and got them from the tank, through the bulkhead fittings we put in (pre-existing) holes in the frame:
there will be a wire from that brass fuel sending unit screw to the cab as well, but wiring is a little ways off yet.  We are still on the fence about either building our own harness or ordering a pre-built hot rod harness.

I had to get a new set of tube bending pliers to bend the 5/16'' fuel line - so that is probably on the 'to-do' list for this weekend (although it is supposed to rain all weekend, so that might change).

I was sick Sunday, so wasn't up to working on the truck - but Brian got the air compressor installed and the bulkhead fitting for the airlines through the fuel-tank-turned-battery/air compressor-box.  (will add a photo next post).