Thursday, June 19, 2014

clutch assembly

Brian had no work today, so we worked on the clutch assembly!  It's so exciting to see things like this come together!

First, he cut apart the assembly we saved from the Dodge pickup so we could use just the part of the assembly we needed for the clutch.

More holes!  ACK!  4 bolt holes to bolt the assembly and a 2.5'' hole for the clutch cable to come through (the gasket required the large hole).  And, yes, it was on the very edge of the firewall.

It is as far left as it could be without altering the pedal itself (which we plan to do, otherwise there won't be room for the other pedals!)

The clutch cable clears the hood, whew! (Straight edge shows where inside of hood will be)

And it doesn't show with the hood closed, yay!

More to come this weekend!


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