Friday, October 27, 2017

Headliner is ready to install

I finished the stitching on the headliner and it is ready to install!  I just have one more board to secure in the truck that will be to staple the perimeter of the headliner to.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

headliner start and windlace

I got windlace made and installed 

and Brian helped me install the headliner base/support!

Monday, October 23, 2017

wipers and first door panel

We have been working less on the Diamond T now that summer is over - it is not nearly as fun to work on it when it's cold and rainy out (we don't have a shop to work on it, so it is being done on the back patio)

We did get some Mighty Motors for wipers - what an ordeal to get them installed though.  They come with a bezel blank that you have to cut to fit the cab where the shaft comes through.  Of course it is a rounded body line there for this truck.  It couldn't be simple, could it?  Brian worked on these and got the wipers ready for final install/sealant.

meanwhile, I worked on this.

 It still needs buttons (I guess I have to break down and buy a button machine/press, booo).  It has the metal clips in the backer that will snap into holes in the door panel - but that means I have TO DRILL HOLES in my door panels!  EEEEK!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

windshield hinges

I have been working diligently on the windshields.  Well, one of them anyhow.  The passenger side windshield I had installed the new rubber seal a while back, but was waiting to install the windshield on the truck until we had paint around the openings.  Figuring out how those darn hinges went was a puzzle.  I had no previous pics, had completely disassembled them to paint them, and it was all a guessing game in the beginning.  I finally came up with this:

I sent the picture to a couple of my ebay Diamond T customers and I got it RIGHT!  Woohoo!  Getting those top hinge bolts secured was a complete PIA!  Now, I have to finish the driver side (needs the new rubber seal installed first).  Not looking forward to it!!!

I also got the window garnish molding, the door panel, and the door pull (custom ordered from Etsy) installed on the drivers door.  I would love some sort of detail added to the door panel at some point.

I have gotten a few new goodies for the interior lately - a new dome light.  I fabricated up a mount and Brian installed/wired it in.  And, it works with a twist of the headlight switch!  I didn't want the same oval one everybody uses in their hot rods, so I went with a round marine light (LED so hopefully will never burn out!)

We also got a new GPS speedometer.  Now, to figure out where to mount the antenna.....