Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Runningboard bodywork

we are working on trying to get the cab aligned with the doors now, so decided we needed to put the runningboards back on so we can put the below-door panels on....  so, that brought us to needing to do some repair work.  We decided the drivers side runningboard was most 'in need', so we tackled that on Sunday.

I forgot to get a before pic of the outside, but the side of the runningboard was caved it - there was actually a crease where the nice rounded edge should be  (you can kinda see it in the home page header).  This is the runningboard clamped to our metalworking table with the edge down.  It was caved in a LOT.

We decided to heat it - and make a body tool with pipe for the rounded edge.  So, after a couple hours of heating and beating, we had this:

Then, finally, after more heating and beating, we had this!  Not perfect, but - wow - it is a LOT better!

Not completely happy with the lower lip, but I think for now we will live with it.  It was stretched out from the body damage, so it didn't want to go back where it should be.

The rotten part of the running board (where it attaches to the supports) cut away and ready for new steel:

I got steel yesterday, so this weekend, we can weld-r-up!  Well, Brian can anyhow!