Sunday, October 25, 2015

Interior framing

Brian had a couple days off work this week, so we got quite a bit accomplished on the interior framing of the truck!  We decided to tackle the curved portions first.  We took square tubing and cut slits in the tubing on 3 sides every half inch the length of the curve - until it fit the curve.

After it fit, Brian tacked it back together and then welded it up solid again.  Unfortunately, this made the metal move into a tighter radius every time, so we had to go back the other direction with a couple slices the opposite way.  It worked out in the end though.

We ended up making the curved pieces for the top, beltline, and floor level (6 pieces total).  I might talk Brian into one more set below the beltline though - more for the support of the upholstery than anything.  The b-pillars are in also - and they are STOUT.  Makes me feel good to have the structure there just in case a rollover ever happened.  You never know.  Better safe than sorry!  (In this pic, Brian was welding the middle cross pieces through the holes in the skin that had originally had screws into wood for the framing)

We also did supports for the floor level under the door.  We didn't need nearly as many slits in the metal to make the right curve for these though.

We used the buck that I had made from plywood that we used to make the curved bottom of the doors that we had to replace.

This morning, we did some gusseting on the framework, then we moved onto making the seat pan.....  We got some beads rolled in it, but it started to get wavy, so we stopped for the night until we can determine how to go on from here.  The pan needs to be removable to access the brake system that is under the drivers seat area.  We wanted a bead or two in the middle, but our bead roller won't reach that far.  We might have to make the pan into 2 pieces, not sure yet.  I really wanted it to be one piece!  It will be covered in sound deadener and carpet (or rubber mat?) and it would be much easier if it was one piece :P

I am really happy with this progress!  No more boards and what-not holding the skin in the right position - we had shims and clamps and all kinds of things holding it in the right place until the framework was done.  Thank goodness all that is unnecessary now!

We will probably work on the a-pillars and above the door next time we work on it :)  Now, this week, I will have to pick up new coveralls for both of us - Brian burned a hole in his welding (and mine have had a hole in them for a long time from catching on fire from grinding, LOL).