Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tool box

Today, Brian worked on the plumbing of the air tanks a bit, then we both worked on the tool box.  We didn't use the original one because it was originally framed in wood and we wanted it all steel.  So, we started with a frame:
Then, I cut the inside "skins', punched holes for rosette welds, and Brian welded them in:
Very happy with the results!!!

Now we just have to hang the door and make a 'catch' for the latch.


Friday, April 28, 2017

Windshield gaskets

The windshields on this truck are in pretty sad shape, but the previous owner did his best to save them.  The new gasket had to fit in a small channel between the stainless frame and the steel part of the frame.  There was a bit of grinding I had to do on the bronze repairs to get the gasket to fit in the channel though.  (The tape on the stainless is to protect it from the grinder)


You can see from this end shot how close the tolerances are for the gasket to fit in the channel.  I ended up setting the lower edge in the channel and then pushing the top edge in with a regular (blunt) screwdriver.

And, now, we have one finished windshield frame.  Time to pull out the second one.  I am hoping it doesn't need as much grinding as the first, because the gasket alone is a chore!

Monday, April 17, 2017

more door work

I cleaned up the inside of the passenger door last week and gave it a good coat of POR15
Then, I got the door scuffed up, some bodywork done, and all prepped for another coat of epoxy primer (I am going to use white epoxy primer on the inside since we are going with a cream/ivory interior paint, so I have to get some on order before I can go further on this).  There is still some pitting around the window opening that I didn't mess with - that will be covered by the window garnish molding, so I didn't think it was necessary to smooth that out.

New steering

This was the original steering joint that attached directly to the steering box from the Dodge

We decided to go with a u-joint there instead and then a DD shaft up to the rag joint.

It turned out great!