Sunday, July 1, 2012

stick a fork in it

Stick a fork in it, 'cause the rear suspension is DONE DONE DONE!
 These shocks are just temporary, but we were lucky enough that the Dodge rear shocks and upper mount worked for this!

 Brian fabricated it so that the lower shock mount/bar is removable for ease of working on the rear diff.

We even got the very back of the frame rails straightened out and the crossmember with the DT logo in it installed:

We cleaned up the loose rust on the back half and I painted it with Rust Seal.  I love that stuff.  It goes on white, but reacts with the rust and turns it to *hard* black primer.  We used this stuff on the grousers on the tracks of Brian's snowcat years ago, wonderful stuff.  Expensive at $40 a pint, but so worth it.  It does turn the bare steel to a yellowish/rusty color, but I am really liking the rustic look it gave this crossmember.

So good to get that part done though!