Wednesday, July 30, 2014


There are a lot of things you can 'make-do' on a project like this, but steering is not one of them.  This needs to be safe (and not bind or hit the frame rail/suspension!)

Steering column from a 70's Peterbuilt.  1''.

Steering box from a '91 Dodge 250 pickup.  3/4''.  We used the complete front end and engine/trans from the Dodge, so the steering box was already in place and we're trying to make it work as-is.

Steering shaft from same Dodge with ragjoint.  If I remember right, this was directly to the steering column on the Dodge.  The DT cab is so much narrower though, so the steering column is in further toward the center......

Distance of 29-30'' between steering box and end of steering column.  Possible interferance issues with frame rail AND fender.....

stock Dodge shaft with the rag joint (attached to steering box, but not slipped on all the way) and the mystery slip yoke/u-joint that fits the steering column (but not slipped on all the way):
We DO have a 3/4'' heim if we needed to support the shaft somewhere......


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