Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Floors and doors

Our power was out for the first half of the day Saturday (problems with the power station I guess), so we weren't able to get anything done Saturday - but we did a little Sunday.  Although progress was slooow because it was so flippin' hot out!

I got the pieces cut to frame in the passenger side floor and Brian welded them in place.

Brian got a section of the drivers floor pan cut out - wohoo!

Pictures are kinda out of order, but this is after we got the foot pedal cleaned up.  

Brian disassembled it and wire brushed the aluminum base

While I sanded, primed and painted the pedal itself.  Now, if we could just find a rubber pad for it.  I think Brian said it came out of an old Autocar that was a good friend of his dads.

And, in an attempt to get some structural strength back in the door, I cut this piece of hardwood for it.  I don't remember what the wood is called, but it's almost as hard as oak and is used for flooring (local lumber yard gave me a 6' chunk of 1x5 becasue the size made it unsellable)  I ripped 2 pieces at 2'' wide, then marked the curve from a template I had made from an original piece of oak that was in the same spot.  (It is 1'' thick in the center and less than 1/2'' on the ends to fit the gradual curve of the outside of the door).  Our bandsaw has been neglected for many years, but I am sure glad we have it.  It would have been really difficult to do on the table saw, LOL.  I cut the curve on the bandsaw, then sanded the cut edge on the stationary belt sander.  I cut out a matching piece for the other side while I was at it too, so all I have to do is sand that one to install it later.


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