Tuesday, September 17, 2013

fall is here

This summer has had some fantastic weather, and now fall is here.  We got a lot accomplished around here, but not as much as we'd hoped on the truck.  We did a little bit of fishing
Catching pink salmon on an ultralight fly rod is a BLAST, especially those humpback bucks.  They are a handful!  We let a lot of them go, but did keep a few hens to smoke and to can.  Not personally a fan of eating the pinks though, bleh.

The most important accomplishment this summer is we put a new roof on our house.  That was a HUGE accomplishment.  We saved thousands of $$ by doing it ourselves, but that was a LOT of work.  And a LOT of sweat.  It took us 3 good days to put the roof on (Brian and I - and it was a total of approx 23 squares of roofing and I think 13 new vents.  SO glad I bought an air nailer and the hook blades!  I think this pic of the thermometer tells it all though.  HOT HOT HOT.

Brian has been working on the support for the a-pillar (the hinge support for the passenger door).  It is a lot more difficult than we thought it was going to be - and we knew it was going to be tough!  We got it together enough to hang the door:

Then, back off with the door to make it even sturdier.

Eventually, this will be covered in a metal trim that will hide the welded supports and the hinges.

I wish we had nothing else to do on weekends, but work on the truck, but there is always something else!  The last couple weekends was working on this Craigslist score:

We've been wanting something to keep our wall tent and accessories in for a while.  Storage is an issue with that thing, everything is so bulky and heavy!  Now, we can keep the stuff in there, and it will be easier to get ready to go hunting/camping.

It just needed a little TLC.  So, we replaced the interior - new plywood floor/walls - and plastic ceiling with a dome light.  Complete new wiring and all new bearings/races.   Then, finally new paint inside and out.  It already has new tires/spare, so it should be good to go for many years to come!

A sweet little trailer I think!!!  We do still plan to make fenders and paint the tongue, but another time for that.