Wednesday, September 12, 2012

starting to look like a truck!

I am very excited to see the Diamond T start to look like a truck!

We got the new rear driveline last week and Brian installed it.  It's SO close to being a finished chassis now!

You can see in the pic above that we also got the air tank for the suspension installed (although that was a couple weeks ago).   You can also see the crossmember Brian made and welded in front of the c-notches ahead of the rear end.  He plans to have another one behind the rear end too, but that one will probably be removable.  When letting the air out of the system, we found out that the rear driveline hits that crossmember that goes over the air tank.... we were hoping it wasn't going to have to be messed with, but looks like we'll have to notch it for the driveline.  It's still riveted in, so we'll take the driveline back out and alter it in place.

We worked on mocking up the front end on Sunday (my birthday), it's so exciting to see everything go back together.  I'm sure these will be off and on many more times along the way, but it looks good to see them where they are going to be!
We had to notch the grill shroud to get it to fit past the front crossmember:
I was *thrilled* to see that the turbo WILL fit inside the hood w/o altering anything! It just BARELY clears, but it does clear, yay!
Brian also got the fan shroud made, and the electric fan installed on the radiator, but I forgot to take pics!  I'll share that later in another post!

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