Thursday, September 13, 2012

old Dodge hood = new radiator shroud

Brian said to me the other day that he wished he had some sheet metal that he could make a fan shroud with.......  I said, ''something about the thickness of an old Dodge hood?!''.

He did a pretty good job I think!!!!!!1
So glad we had that electric fan already from another project!  It's the perfect size!


  1. Nice shroud, and good re-purposing of the Dodge hood, but is that enough radiator for the Cummins? Looks a like an early Mustang style? What are the dimensions? The fan looks suspiciously like the cheap-o elec. fan I used in the Fordillac that was marginal at best. Not being critical, I know how frustrating an inadequately cooled car can be... Brian

    1. we got the radiator off ebay - and it was for a model T with a 350...... should be enough radiator - it is the same one that Mike Tyler used in his '36 Diamond T with the newer style 6BT