Sunday, September 2, 2012

front crossmember done

This was quite a job to get this front crossmember made..... looks pretty simple, but there were angles to deal with for the front strut bar mounts underneath......

Brian putting the final touches on it:

cutting and grinding and welding makes a MESS!

front ready for the crossmember - new bushings for the strut bars!
 Brian made it removable, which means removing one strut bar to take it off, but I can't foresee it needing to come off really........

 And a pic of it with the radiator to get an idea - makes it look more like a truck!  Looks like the height will be pretty good with just a small gap between the crossmember and the radiator :)  Now to make radiator mounts and a fan shroud.  We have an electric fan from another project that will work perfectly too!  (The original clutch fan for the 6BT was off-center and the fins wouldn't clear the Diamond T sheet metal unfortunately.)

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