Monday, September 10, 2012

recycle day

Brian had a couple days off work last week (work truck in the shop), so we did recycling one day:
Here he was salvaging some flat-ish sheet metal from the 'chop' Jacob did on his Pathfinder (his wheeler):
Here is a pic of Jacob's wheeler to show the chop:
Anyhow, that was only a *small* portion of the steel we've acquired.  A small portion of the 2400 pounds!
Which we got just over $200 for - not bad me thinks!  And, we turned right around and purchased new galvanized poles for our 'new to us' wall tent!  Sorry for the pic quality, this pic is taken with my cell phone JUST before dark.....
The old poles we got with this tent were 2'' (ID) steel and were SO heavy! (We replaced with 1'' ID galvanized)  Plus, the legs were a little short so the ridgepole didn't go high enough to fully support the tent.  Here is a 'before' pic with the old poles:
I am SO glad we replaced them - they are less than half the weight (plus, then tent is much more functional now!)

So, back to the Diamond T.......
Brian salvaged an old truck light bar from the recycle bin that was badly dented.  We worked on it for a couple hours getting it straightened out as best as possible:
And, then he gave it a new 'finish' since the aluminum was pretty stained/etched:

Personally, I'm not real fond of the light bar and it's location, but he says it stays.  I wish the frame rails were 6'' so we could put a light bar IN the frame rails in place of that crossmember (and move the crossmember forward where it was originally).  Brian says it ain't gonna happen though :P  Or even if the logo'd crossmember was wide enough to cut 4.5'' holes for brake/turn lights, THAT would be cool, but it's only 5'' wide, and it wouldn't work :(

Anyhow, I do have some more progress to share on the Diamond T - I just need to take some pics!

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