Saturday, March 4, 2017

Peterbilt parts

Brian and I worked on the DT today... he welded some holes in the roof left from the semaphore and cab lights and I cut plugs for the holes that were too big to just fill.

I also worked a bit on the dash top prepping it for primer.  A while back I got a dash vent on ebay from a 40's DT.  When I started working on the dash from the 37, it was obvious that this truck had the option of a dash vent, but it didn't ever have it installed.  The hole is punched, but not removed.  I don't want to install it on top like they would have done at the factory though.  I plan to cut small oval holes the size of the vent openings and trim them with these Peterbilt glove box trim pieces.  They have a little visor on them so it will help direct the air to the windshields.  Where the bolts would have gone through to hold the vent on, Brian will weld on studs on the back so it can be bolted on from underneath with a grate of some sort sandwiched between so nothing can fall in the vents.

Then, we narrowed a Peterbilt visor... I am not sure I love it yet.   It might grow on me.

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