Monday, March 13, 2017

Dash extension

Sometimes the metal worker has to be the woodworker first.

Brian has been wanting an extension to the dash for a while - something to hide the wiring better and to put switches and ignition on.  So, first I made a cardboard template - then cut it out of plywood.  Then, adding 1'' on either side for a flange, I drew it out on 20g steel.

Brian cut it out with the plasma cutter

Then, I realized I would have to have 2 of the plywood templates (bucks) to bend the flanges.  Clamping the steel between the two bucks, I started to bend the upper flange first.  At this point, we had to use the shrinker on the corners.  We used the stretcher a little on the center curve as well.

After the flange was done, it looked like it was going to work!  Now, to bend the lower flange....

We had a scary moment when we overshrunk the lower curve a little and the panel wasn't flat anymore - but after clamping it hard between the bucks again and a LOT more hammering, it turned out pretty darn good!  I did have to flatten the face a little after this pic

After several hours - finally, the extension after it was all cleaned up and ready for epoxy primer.  I am really happy how this turned out!  And, my arms are sore today from all the hammering!  We will have to cut a large hole in it for the steering column unfortunately.  Now I need to pick up some attractive stainless bolts to attach it to the dash - and think about making a center console next....

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