Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Custom console, part 1

Using the same buck as we made for the dash extension, we hammered a curved flange on the top edge

Marked and cut out shifter hole

Then bent flanges on the edge in the brake, and ran them through the stretcher to create a curve.  I like how the original dash, the dash extension, and the console have a layered look.... we are calling it a waterfall.

With the seat in, we measured for a flat section of console that will have cup holders and probably a tray (and boot for the aux. transmission). 

I made the second part of the console basically like a box with short sides.  It will bolt to the curved section then bolt to a support that will be welded to the tunnel near the seat.

I think before I bolt the two pieces together and shorten the curved section where they bolt together, I would like to try to get a bit more curve on the first section.

The sides will be covered to the floor and to the firewall with an upholstered panel.


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