Monday, April 29, 2013

crackin' the whip

Brian really wanted to put the cab together, but since the roof/windshield section is at the sandblasters right now, I had to really push him to work on the truck at all this weekend.....  I just started bringing parts out because I knew there was stuff that could be done.  We needed to find the exact spot for the cowl/firewall section so we could bolt it down......

But, with some pushing, we got the front end mocked up and bolted in place!

 I really wish that hood was flat so you could get the right view of the bodylines..........  I promise that the the hood will be level after it's all straightened out though!  We leveled and tweaked and leveled and leveled and leveled, LOL.  The patio is not level (for drainage), so we had to block under tires to get everything level so we could make sure running boards were level, etc.

We got the cowl/firewall holes drilled/mounted and also the running board supports mounted in their final position too!  So, now we will be able to remove the cowl/firewall for primer when the cab roof section gets back from sandblasting.  We should be able to get it all primed and back together next weekend so we can build the floor (hopefully!!!).  (We don't plan to sandblast/prime these front pieces for a while yet.)

It's great to see it back together, but also a little disheartening to see all those pieces and every. single. one. of them needs bodywork.  But, we'll get there.  Eventually.

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