Thursday, April 25, 2013


The roof section of the Diamond T is a really awkward (and a little flimsy) of a piece.  We have been scared how we are going to get it to the sandblasters w/o damaging it.  It can't lay on it's top, or it might get dented. It can't lay the other way or risk the windshield surrounds collapsing, it's wider than 4' both directions, so it can't fit in the Suburban.  It has to be trailered.....

So, we built it a little support of it's own.....

We made grooves in the boards for the edge to sit in so the edges didn't splay out.

With it on the new stand, Brian decided to work on the cancer on the back seam......
After wire wheeling it, the spot got larger ::sigh::
so, a larger chunk had to be replaced than we orginally thought:
Somehow I missed getting a pic of the repair, sorry!  I'll get the pic after it's back from the sandblasters, which hopefully will be soon!


  1. Seeing this makes me glad I didn't take mine completely apart!


    1. ya, you were lucky not to have all the wood framework, but we got the cool grill shape (if we can ever find a good one, LOL)