Tuesday, April 16, 2013

mock up

We didn't get a lot accomplished on the truck this last weekend, but sometimes mock up is necessary to encourage/revitalize.  Brian did get some reinforcements welded to the sides of the cowl where the fenders attach though, then we did cab mock up.....Brian didn't want to, but I reminded him that in a build like this, mock up will be done a thousand times.  He said he only wanted to do it 999 times, LOL.  He was glad we did it though :)  So was I!

We've been really worried how we are going to get that roof section to the sand blasters without damaging it - so we decided we are going to build a stand for it that the roof will rest on and the windshield frame will hang over..... So, that is my job this week sometime (to build the stand for it, then hopefully get it to the sandblasters along with about a dozen other pieces).

We realized that we are lacking one vital piece of exterior - we are missing the piece that goes between the cowl/firewall and the door on the driver's side.....and it has body line on it, so it will be tricky to make.  We do have the passenger side piece to copy a mirror image of, so Brian thinks it's ''do-able''. Lets hope so!

It's tore back down now, pieces safely in the shop.  That cowl/firewall section is getting HEAVY with all that 14 and 16g. steel attached to it.  It sure is rigid now though!  Hopefully we don't have to move it around much longer!  (it has bare metal so we don't want to leave it outside).

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