Monday, October 23, 2017

wipers and first door panel

We have been working less on the Diamond T now that summer is over - it is not nearly as fun to work on it when it's cold and rainy out (we don't have a shop to work on it, so it is being done on the back patio)

We did get some Mighty Motors for wipers - what an ordeal to get them installed though.  They come with a bezel blank that you have to cut to fit the cab where the shaft comes through.  Of course it is a rounded body line there for this truck.  It couldn't be simple, could it?  Brian worked on these and got the wipers ready for final install/sealant.

meanwhile, I worked on this.

 It still needs buttons (I guess I have to break down and buy a button machine/press, booo).  It has the metal clips in the backer that will snap into holes in the door panel - but that means I have TO DRILL HOLES in my door panels!  EEEEK!

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