Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cool it!

Well, finally we have radiator hoses that will work!
The first time we went to the parts store, we came back defeated and thought it couldn't be done.  I searched online for hours to try to locate the lower hose.  The only thing I got from my search was a silicone reducer that we thought would help, but didn't end up using it afterall.
After being defeated initially, we gave up for a while.  The time has come that we are getting so close to starting it, that it was now a priority.  So, after two trips to NAPA(and a very capable clerk), we have hoses!  I had to buy 3 total and all had to be trimmed to fit, but it is a miracle in my eyes!  The fitting in the middle of the upper will be for the electric fan sensor since originally the Dodge had a clutch fan that was off-center.

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