Monday, May 25, 2015

Skin me once again

Working on re-skinning the second door today.  It had major rebuilding done to the bottom and hinge side, and we were finally ready to do the skin....  until the welding helmet died!

Then, we figured out - the welding helmet wasn't liking the new bulb we put in the shop light above the table.  WEIRD!  As soon as we unplugged the shop light, the helmet worked again.

New skin cut - and lines marked for the bends:

Bends done (and they were SPOT ON I might add!) and clamped in place for welding:

Upside down and primed:

We plan to get the doors (and possibly the cab too) ''dipped'' to remove all the paint/rust and then epoxy primered so that we can do bodywork at a later date. 

We decided to add a middle hinge to the doors... and we only had 5 hinges to begin with that we had restored.  A while back, I bought a set of hinges off ebay.... so the best hinge from that set we took apart and the pieces are now painted with SEM's ''Rust Seal''.  It is an amazing product we have been using for many years that converts rust into a black coating.  It is VERY expensive (over $40 for a 16oz bottle), but a little goes a long ways and it is worth it!

So, we should be able to get all the hinges on the 2nd door next weekend and everything is ready to hang it.  Super excited to have gotten this door skinned this weekend!

Brian had a little fun after I primed the first door we re-skinned:
It's only temporary, but it's fun meanwhile :)

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