Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Window frame union

Well, we finally did it.  The window frame is now married to the cowl.  Til death do them part, lol.

The reason it took us so long to get to this part - the curves of the bottom of the window frame didn't match the curves of the cowl.   So, this was a project that we skated around for a while.  Originally, there was a thick gasket between them instead of it being connected permanently.  We didn't like the look of the gasket, so we decided that it would need to be welded.  In order for the corners by the doors to line up, we started there first.  Which left a 1/2'' gap almost the whole way across between the window frame and cowl.  So, we started filling it in with a v-shaped piece of square stock in the center for good structural support, then filled the rest with carefully trimmed sheet metal.  I went ahead and mixed up a small batch of epoxy primer and brushed it on the bare metal - it was way too humid that day for bare metal out in the open.  It all went smoother than expected and I definitely had trouble getting to sleep that night! Even after 3 glasses of celebratory wine, LOL! So excited for this progress!

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