Wednesday, May 15, 2013

crisis averted

well, it turns out the corner not fitting correctly was an alignment issue.  WHEW, dodged that bullet!

  I realized that the clamp that was holding the front edge of the back corner was holding that edge too far forward.  Pushed it back about a half an inch, and the corner fits MUCH better!

Brian had the day off, so he was building this while I was trying to tweak the cab into the right shape.

All I ended up doing was tweaking my back though, UGH.  Brian did an excellent job with the missing body panel though!  We were kinda sweating that one, but it looks great!  I think the a-pillar probably needs to come back 1/16'' by looking at the pic.  I am just happy to have that corner figured out and that panel piece made, such a relief!

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