Saturday, October 8, 2011

a new donor

Well, we've got our wheels/tires at least - and perhaps we've got our dually rear axle too (hoping).

We bought all-we-want from this truck from the wreckers yesterday, and they delivered it!  We basically paid for the wheels/tires and he's letting us scavenge whatever else we may need off of it.  They will come get it to crush when we're done scavenging! 

So, we know that the front wheels will work for the front axle of the Dodge chassis, but we are going to have to have the centers machined so they are hub-centric on the Dodge hubs as they are just a fraction of an inch too small to fit snug on the hubs.  So, Brian will take the wheels and the Dodge hubs to the machinist - hopefully today when he gets back from fishing.

The rear axle just might work too - we measured the overall width and it is right there - we will just need to find out if we can get the right gearing for the rear end (our son says it's a 14-bolt, but we haven't even looked close enough to find out yet).  If it ''fits'' for the Diamond T project, we'll just run it with it's slow gears until the project is up and running, then we'll worry about gearing it up if it's too slow (which it probably will be, LOL).  Hopefully it fits though!

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