Thursday, September 29, 2011

metal working......

You can see by this picture that we will need to do a lot of work on that irreplaceable grill (we have the piece that is missing on the bottom, so we can weld that back on too).
We started straightening it out yesterday and actually got pretty far on it!  Further and better than expected!  So much so, that we decided that we needed some metal finishing tools.  Today I made a metal fabricators sandbag!
 I used leather from one of my grandpa's hides (I'm not sure if it's deer, elk, or moose and I don't know how to tell - if it was deer, it was a very large one by the size of the hide!).  It's about an 11'' circle with 3 rows of stitching on my sewing machine in upholstery thread.  I think it should be secure!  I filled it with sandblasting media and it seems like it will work great if the media stays within :)


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