Monday, August 19, 2013

hanging a door

Our goal for this weekend on this project was to get a door hung.......

Saturday, we replaced more of the hinge-side metal (decided to replace a larger section by the upper hinge), and then we got the hinges installed in the door.  We had to make indentations for the bolt heads to fit in so they would sit flush.  We really dislike this hinge set-up, makes it really hard to make ANY adjustments at all.

But, with some trial and error, we finally got the door hung on Sunday.  I think this was the most stressful part of this build so far.  Even more stressful than attaching  the IFS!

It still needs some tweaking and more support welding, but it's basically hung.  We'll pull out the pins in the hinges to do the tweaking I think.  And hopefully get RID of the orange!  ick.

Not sure if we'll start the driver's door rebuild yet - I think we'll maybe work on the upper part of the reveal on this door - the cab roof/windshield section is still not secured in place.

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