Monday, February 12, 2018

Headliner, overhead console, and running boards

Brian made a bracket for a momentary switch - this will activate the original electric horn.  It is installed on the inside of the overhead console.

The idea is to make it activated like an air horn with a pull of the cord.   The flash made the colors all weird, but the detail is easier to see with flash.  The brown is true-to-color in the pic above.

This cord is temporary, still deciding on the permanent one.  I would love to hear ideas if you have any to share!

We started on running boards yesterday - we decided to add a 3rd support for extra durability.

Brian fabbed brackets like the originals and they are going to work great!  I just need to pick up some more fasteners for these and we can finalize the install point on the truck and drill holes in the frame (oh joy, that means SIX overhead holes to drill).

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