Monday, September 18, 2017

Wiring and woodwork

We have officially started wiring.  It is messy before it gets neat.

relays wired under the hood

12v power block on the firewall (which has a nice cover)

oh, and a custom bead-rolled panel (by Metal Meagan) I made into the front cover for the heater box.

Beige leather I made into shift boots:

And, I started making the rubber bumpers for the doors.  It was cheaper for me to make them (and have enough to make a bunch more), than to buy them and wait a month or more from another source.  They are just right too!

I am selling them on eBay now too, just do a ''Diamond T door bumper'' search.

Underneath is looking pretty darn tidy now.  Brian is doing a great job here.

I made a purchased switch panel into a custom one with more of the maple veneer stained with ''dark walnut'' (and the beige paint).  It has the epoxy glaze on it, same as the gauge panels.

And, I decided to go ahead and put the maple veneer in the cubby on the center console as well.  I still might put some material of some sort on the sides, but it will probably stay this way for a while.

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