Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Latches and templates

Today I decided to start to work on the latches and get templates done for the glass.

This latch spring is broken:

I have this latch that has the same mechanism, but the wrong plate.  So, the trick is to take the mechanisms off both plates and put the working one on the smaller plate.  Fun.

Drilled out the  spot welds and I still cannot get those tabs loose, arrrgh!

Finally end up cutting the tabs off.  Now, all switched over and ready for tack welds.

I forgot to take pics of it after the tack welds, but it turned out great and after a little WD-40 'Specialist', it worked fantastic!  BTW, I *love* that WD-40 Specialist - is is a corrosion preventer for long-term storage.  I have used it for parts after I did a rust remover on them (either electrolysis or molasses soak), and it is great!  It keeps a thin layer of a thin grease on the parts - so works good for moving parts (probably not good for parts you want to paint though).

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