Monday, June 16, 2014

The '48 Pete

Brian's brother has decided that he wants to simplify his life by majorly downsizing and selling his house - and that meant giving up his '48 Pete that has been a working rig for many years for him.  It just needs too much maintenance at this point in it's life.

Not that WE have the time/money to work on it, but we do have a place to put it.  Well, we WILL after we get some more gravel to make the driveway wider.

So, Tim gave us the truck with the stipulation that we can't ever sell it.  We plan to just let it sit until we are sure that he is sure about it.  We'll just start it up every once in a while to keep the batteries charged and probably put some fuel stabilizer in it too.  So, for now - it's more yard art.  Which means we need to get rid of our growing pile of steel recycling so we can put gravel there for the Pete.........


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