Monday, July 22, 2013

Little progress

We have only little progress over the last few weekends.  Sometimes I feel like it's 2 steps forward and 3 steps back......

We did finish the rear cab mounts.  We used the cab mounts from the Dodge pickup and modified them.

And we worked on the framing on the inside of the cab.  These 1x2's I cut slots into the back side of to go over the vertical seam on the back of the cab - and Brian was able to weld through from the back to seal the original screw holes.  These long straight(ish) cuts were ''fun''.  Cutting these is where I caught my coveralls on fire, LOL.

And, we did get the seat pan frame and seat mounts made too.
I cut out the 1x2 for the frame and Brian welded them into a box..........

And I fabricated and cut the seat mounts using large rectangular tube and grade 8 bolts to simulate the mounts that are in the Suburban.  (And Brian welded them of course - I really should learn to weld though!)  The seat is removeable, but fits VERY snug! (The seat is the 3rd row leather seat from our '98 Suburban).  I am very happy how that turned out!  Not happy how the pic turned out though!

But, now we can sit in the truck with the seat installed and make VROOM VROOM noises :)
(this pic was before seat pan frame was done. during mock up)

Seat installed:

And, the seat folds and I think we might have a little room behind the seat near the floor to make a cubby or something possibly:
Now I wish we would have made the seat pan front corners rounded like the original seat pan.  I suppose we can still do that........

And the 3 steps back......  we spent most of the day Saturday bending and drilling a piece for the a-pillar for the hinges - and then after we got it almost done, we decided to make it differently with beefier material.  It will be better though, so I am glad we changed our minds anyhow.  I am headed to the steel store today, (where they know me by first name!), and hopefully we will possibly have a door hanging next weekend?  Maybe????

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