Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Electrolysis and seating

About a week or so ago, I decided to finally set up an electrolysis tank.....  let me tell you, this is amazing science!

Here is a 'before and after' pic:

On the left, one of the original door latches completely covered in rust.  That is the same as the latch on the right looked like until about 4-5 days in electrolysis!  Amazing!  Unfortunately, that rust-free latch appears to be broken ::sigh::  Good thing we have others!  We will still have to figure out how to get the handle removed from the latch though - we need that one as it's our only passenger side handle........

We did get a little work done this last weekend.  Mostly we got lots of planning/problem solving done though.

For months, I've been telling Brian that the 3rd row seat from the Suburban would be perfect for the DT.  He wanted bomber-style seats, but I was worried our fat butts wouldn't fit in the standard ones and we'd have to have some custom-made.  I liked the idea of using the Suburban seat for several reasons: (1) We owned it already, no need to pay for something we already own, custom-made always means $$ ugh (2) It's a bench seat, no worries about our butts being too wide for it, (3)it's leather and in really great shape (4) it's just taking up space and not getting used anyhow (5) we already own it! :)  And we can plan for the flooring layout and have the bracing in the floors in the right spot since it's here for mock up :)

So, here's mock up:

I think it looks like it was MEANT to be in there!  I just need to get to the junk yard and get the 3rd row seatbelts - they have 2 clips in them - one goes to the latches on the side and stay latched while the seat is in, the second latches across your lap so you have a lap and shoulder belt.

Brian plans to have the master cylinder underneath the drivers seat floor pan, so we are going to make the seat removeable just like it was in the Suburban.

Oh, and I guess there is your sneak peek at the tunnel - we have a little more to do for fitment of that, but I think it's a keeper.  I can't wait for floor pans to go in!

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