Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring is here

Spring is here, so that means time to get back to work on the Diamond T!

I have been sick, so most of the work Brian did by himself this morning/afternoon, but I did help a little getting the new firewall on later this afternoon because it was killing me to not be a part of it!

Both sides of the cowl/firewall looked like this after sandblasting last fall.........
Brian cut out the rust and welded in new solid patches this morning!  They look great!  These will not show though, they are behind the fender.  He also welded the cracks around that hole where the fender attaches (we'll put a huge fender washer there for support when we assemble).

and here is the new firewall; plug welded in place.  Brian cut out the old firewall with about 2'' of it left from the perimeter.  He will also weld the seam on the inside (probably next weekend).

Now we need to make a template for the cutout for the bell housing and the back of the engine.  The back of the engine will only be into the firewall an inch or two at most.

We also have more Epoxy primer on it's way (will probably be here tomorrow), so we can do another round of sandblasting parts and primering pretty soon!

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