Tuesday, October 16, 2012

we have primer!

Brian got off work early today, so we were finally able to get the primer on the sandblasted parts!  We *had* set aside the whole day Saturday to do it - and then the primer didn't arrive in time :(  Of course it came on Monday, grrr.  We will be sure to order the next primer in plenty of time *before* we get parts sandblasted!

We made a paintbooth in our daylight basement, turned on the space heater until it was around 70 in there (and left the door open for ventilation), then Brian sprayed the epoxy primer we got from Southern Polyurethanes.  Black (of course!).
Such a relief to have primer, now we can set the cowl/firewall section on the frame and get it bolted in place so we can start working on the fender hangers (oh joy)........

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