Wednesday, June 13, 2012

cut, grind, weld, grind

Lots of cutting, grinding, welding, more grinding, and drilling going on!  Brian had the last two days off of work, so we worked on the DT project.

We got the airbag mounts mounted (tacked in place  until we can roll the axle out to get a nice weld on them):

Then, we realized after we got the 4-link rear bracket installed that we weren't going to be able to get a bolt in it.......  so, back out the airbag brackets came and Brian drilled a hole and sleeved them so we can slide a bolt through them into the 4-link bracket.
Brian also got the front brackets fabricated for the 4-link:
 He's getting good with that welder!
It's tacked in for now, we will pull it off on Sunday probably so he can finish welding the bracket to the plate.
 (the grade 5 bolts are just for mock-up, we will use grade 8)

Now, after these are done, we will have to figure out what to do with the brake cables, ugh.  Then, we will work on finishing the c-notch above the axle.......  more cutting, grinding, welding, grinding..........



  1. Good progress guys! Hopefully I'll be posting progress soon on my 201!

  2. Your headlight buckets look very similar to 37 studebaker lights. I think they may also be hard to find.