Monday, April 23, 2012

killed a drill

Brian had today off work, so we had another day to work on the truck :)  In the morning, he finished the welding on the boxing of the joint between the two frame pieces, then started drilling 3'' access holes in them.  He JUST finished the 4th hole, and the half inch drill died :(  At least he got one side done though.  I will go drill shopping tomorrow so we can finish the other side this weekend.
It's hard to see in the pic, but here is the driver's side finished with the 3 holes drilled on the inside of the boxed in part:
 The latter part of the day, I worked on wire-wheeling the brake caliper and the hub and got them painted (on the driver's side).
 ya, that is the firewall/dash/cowl on there (just seeing how it looked!)

here is a pic of the boxed in notch he had to make to lower the engine in the front:

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