Monday, April 30, 2012

all dressed up

Another weekend working on the truck project.   I went to a bridal shower on Saturday, and Brian got the final holes cut in the boxed-in part of the frame with the new drill.  On Sunday, Brian worked on tearing down the rear dually axle from the DT so we can scrap it.  One axle cap was actually WELDED on (assuming because some of the bolts were broken).  Just craziness.  The brakes on that side were obviously not working because they were COVERED in grease.  Maybe that's how the truck got the front end damage!  Brian had to use the torch to get the axle disassembled.  Even tore into pieces, that thing is HEAVY so we should get a decent amount for scrap price for it.  While Brian worked on that, I worked on cleaning up the front end - with wire wheels, pick tools, and a toothbrush and paint thinner, I got is scrubbed up pretty good.  Good enough for a few coats of gloss black.  I think it's lookin' good!

Now, with the hubs painted, we can put the front wheels back on, set the engine back in, and start work on the rear next weekend!  We are going clam digging next Sunday, so it will be just one day to work on it on Saturday though......  which might just be preparing the 'new' dually axle for transplant :)
As I was taking pics, Tucker was really interested in what I was doing........
''Whatcha doin' mom?  Don't you want to take a picture of MEEEEEE?''

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