Saturday, January 21, 2012

bits and pieces......

Well, not much progress this week because of the foot and a half of snow we got, but last week we did finally get rid of the eyesore in the driveway....
 There was some drama around this van, but it's done and it's gone and we can move on now.  We saved the wheels/tires from it - and the rear axle and some of the frame.  We also got the heater fan/switches and the heater core assembly (unfortunately the heater core didn't survive, but it shouldn't be too expensive to replace).

We also got this little beauty in the mail the other day:

We just need to find one more for the other side of the hood, and the base of the front hood emblem.  Seeing this beautiful badge in person, now I totally understand why someone would steal these off of a rig.  They are artwork!

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