Monday, December 19, 2011

another step forward....

Brian did most of the work, but we got the frame/axle out from under the box van yesterday!  He ended up unbolting it from the body, and cutting it just in front of the transmission crossmember.

We blocked the body up, and here we have the frame/rear axle ready to pull out from under the body:

That did NOT go off w/o a hitch..... OOPS!  The frame rubbed on the back of the body and pulled it off the blocks :P

 But, we got the body back up on blocks, and Brian cut out notches on the back of the body under the doors to allow the frame to slip under w/o rubbing..... we only had one small wiring fire on a tail light, LOL


At this point, I had to get cleaned up and go to the grocery store - but Brian got the wheels/tires back on the axle, and he said it's much easier to move around now.  I'm so glad that part is over!  Now, we just need to remove the heater assembly and some of the steering that we might be able to use, then we can call the wrecker to come get the van body.  It will be nice to have that parking space back again and that ugly thing out of the driveway!

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